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What the Kids are saying about KAP Activities!

A boy in the 3rd grade said, "I am so excited I could just pop!"

The class bully said to Dr. Evers, "I used to fight a lot." She said, "Oh Jamie . . . . you did?" With his hands on his hips in a loud voice, and after clearing his throat, he said, "Yep, but that was before I learned about Affirmations and that Ripple Effect!"

Introduction to the Kids Affirmation Program

1. The Kids Affirmation Program (Children's Affirmation Program) teaches each child to be "The KAPtain of his/her LIFE!" Under the watchful and caring eyes and guidance of parents and supportive teachers, coaches, mentors, and other trusted community workers.

2 Children learn to use affirmations to create and maintain positive self-worth and healthy and lasting friendships with family members and other members of the community.

3. Kids Affirmation Program (KAP) is a "Triple E Program"
Educational, Entertaining, and Experiential.

4. KAP provides a fun-filled and safe learning environment that teaches children how to use affirmations and other strategies that result in positive daily living and learning, at school, at home, and at play. This interactive and experiential program affirms and strengthens each child’s sense of worth, personal value, giftedness, and contribution to others.

5. KAP (Kids Affirmation Program or Children's Affirmation Program) is ideal for home, school, and families choosing home schooling as an option to educate their children. The learning modules can be easily integrated into faith-based schools or organizations. Parents, teachers, and/or volunteers simply follow the step-by-step processes outlined in the program to reach the desired outcomes.

The learning modules are also meant to serve as a springboard to inspire you and/or the children to create other activities that are meaningful to your unique and special circumstances. Incorporating other activities that are home-grown fosters greater personal ownership of the program.

6. KAP includes grade-level appropriate learning modules and an accompanying Affirmations Program Musical CD.

What the Children Learn

1. Children learn to use the Triple PST!

PST – Positive Self-Thought
PST – Positive Self-Talk
PST – Positive Street Talk

ALL THREE are part of creating healthy, lasting friendships and successful outcomes at home, at school, and at play. Learning to do Affirmations helps a child to develop a healthy thought life, self-talk, and communication skills with others.

2. Become a CIA Agent

The Kids Affirmation Program (Children's Affirmation Program) encourages, promotes and utlilizes each child's innate creative and imaginative process.

Children have the opportunity to become Creative Imagination Agents (CIA) through role-playing, storytelling, and artistic activities.

Your classroom, school and/or home can become a Creative Imagination Agency Headquarters where you problem solve and create a better world for everyone.

Learning Modules Overview and Sample Lesson Plan

I - Download PDF Formatted KAP Sample Overview and Module - Grades One to Three, click here.

II - To view and print Learning Modlules and Sample Lesson Plan for Grades Four to Six, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read these most commonly asked questions.

Q. Can KAP be integrated with other subjects?
A. Yes, KAP provides acitivties that are integrated with Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, and Art.

Q. What is the best way to use KAP?
A. There are several ways to use KAP - As a complete school program in an allotted time time frame such as at the beginning of the year for the months of September through to the end of October;
Do three modules during each of your school semesters of fall, winter, and spring;
Target a single grade at each of the grade levels (1-3) and junior grade (4-6).

Q. Is there support available after purchasing KAP?
A. Yes, there are a number of supports available to you:
1. Take advantage of the many complementary support materials available to you on the website (all are pdf and downloadable to your computer for FREE);
2. Visit the website on a regular basis and take advantge of new ideas and activities posted there;
3. Email us using the e-mai Form on the website.

Q. What are the benefits to the school?
A. KAP encourages students to respect others. It also teaches children (students) how to co-operate and work as a team. It will change the school to the positive.

Q. How does it benefit our students?
A. 1) KAP is a cognitive-based program that focuses on changing negative behaviors by changing internal self-thought, self-talk and external street-talk.
2) It promotes the usage of positive words and actions.
3) When children ‘feel good’ about themselves, they will not be liable to harm others. Only the people that feel bad about themselves and their lives lash out.
4) This program teaches skills that promote confidence, feeling safe, secure and self-confident. It promotes the feeling of peace and contentment.
5) This program also teaches dignity and respect. Children learn to feel happy with who they are.
6) Affirmations program the mind to default to positive programming, (just like a computer defaults to its primary program.)
7) KAP teaches kids to feel great about themselves so they won’t be beating up themselves or others.

Q. Can this program (KAP) be started at anytime?
A. Yes, but try to have more than one grade doing the program at the same time. Many activities can be done grade or school-wide.

Q. Does KAP teach principles that could be against my faith or against the faith of my students?
A. No, we teach respect, honor, co-operation, honesty, community service, and how to be the best one can be.

Q. Is this a religious program?
A. No, although the major principles of the KAP can be found in most world religions.

Q. Can I share this information with others?
A. Yes, you can and if you know of any group, organization, school or anyone who cannot afford this program, but who would benefit from it, please submit their name(s) and pertinent information. They could qualify for our Scholarship Program.

Q. When I purchase KAP what do I get?
A. When you purchase purchase the KAP Grades 1-3 and/or KAP Grades 4-6 programs (individually or together) you will receive a complimentary copy of our Parent/Teacher Guidebook.
KAP also has a musical cd for the Grades One - Three program. This is sold and shipped separately from your purchase of the Kap Program (electronic copy-ebook format). For prices see How to Order KAP (below).

Q.. When will I receive KAP?
A.. KAP will be sent to your email account via the internet upon confirmation of payment.
The Musical CD will be shipped within 2-3 days upon receipt of payment.

Q. Who are the creators or company that created KAP?
A. KAP is created by Dr. Anne Marie Evers and Michael Alexander (the Curriculum Guy). KAP is distributed by Affirmations International Publishing Company.

Q. What do I do --- I want to get started right away.
A.Step 1. Take the Affirmations Guided Tour. Step 2. Upon receipt of your purchase, read the Manual and Modules.
Step 3. Put it into action. Follow the procedures and outlines.
Step 4. Email us with your feed back and ideas. We will include them in our News and Resources updates and credit you with your ideas. Be sure to include your name, teaching role as a parent, teacher, community worker, school division/name optional, country.
Step 5. Visit this website often as we post new program ideas under the News and Resources column.

How to Order KAP

Ordering Details

KAP Grades 1-3 bookcover    KAP Grades One to Three (e-book format only) - $14.95 each

KAP Grades 4-6 bookcover    KAP Grades Four to Six (e-book format only) - $14.95 each

KAP Grades 4-6 bookcover   Affirmations 101 - A Primer (e-book format only) - $9.95

CD cover for Kids Affirmation Program
KAP Musical Grades One to Three CD (only) - $9.95 each
>> Add >> $5.00 shipping and handling anywhere in North America.
>> Add >> $10.00 shipping and handling outside of North America.

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